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Custom Fabrication / Maintenance & Repair


What our customers are saying

If you want a custom ride or just basic maintenance on your motorcycle look no further than Brian at Urban East. He did a custom make over on my Harley Sportster and man did he come through!! In addition he also got my Buell back on the road after some radiator cooling fan issues. Brian is an extremely knowledgeable person and you can tell he has passion for what he does. Give them a try.

- Tony Moreno - Google

What our customers are saying

Took my bike to Brian to have some tires put on and bike lowered. Very professional and quick turn around. This was my fist time taking my bike to Urban East. I was impressed, and needless to say, this will be my go to shop in the future for any needs. Thanks again.

Chris Helmick - Facebook

What our customers are saying

First off, I'm a super novice when it comes to motorcycle wrenching and riding but I've got a stubborn streak and am trying to learn how to do a lot on my own without totally screwing things up. That being said, I certainly don't have the means to get my carbs looking as shiny as they could so I contacted Brian via email. Right off the bat he let me know my options for pricing (disassembled vs assembled) and has since been the absolute best in giving me tips on getting these striped screws off and getting replacement allen heads.

Doing things on your own may not be your jam, which is totally ok because even from a few email exchanges I can tell that Urban East will take care of you through and through, and worth the time/money/expertise/customer service. But to have someone from the community be so supportive for someone like me (read as a stubborn introvert who is a knowledge based/practical setting learner, who also hates to ask for help) is so comforting and important. All this only from a few email exchanges, I've not even brought my carbs in yet! And for that I cannot wait!

Thanks so for Brian and thanks for what may come!

- Pamela Hsu - Yelp

Pamela Hsu - Yelp

What our customers are saying

Competent and friendly, this is a shop you can take any bike to! I have a 1999 Triumph Trophy. He found the issue (spark coil pack) and fixed it. A lot easier than driving to Dulles.

- Mark Worrell -  Google

What our customers are saying

Brian can make just about anything you need. From 1-off exhaust , to fenders' and seats. And if you need carburetor work: they will look like they just rolled off the factory floor when he's done.

- Joshua Reininger - Google

What our customers are saying

This is my go to shop for anything that has to do with metal or motors. Brian the owner is a master welder and fabricator and can handle just about anything from an oil change to one-off custom motorcycle.

- Jack K. - Yelp